Sunday, October 20, 2013

School Days

Big liked to say she went to school every
September from the time she was five
until she retired at 64.

Big has lots of school stories,
starting in grade school when she and her best friend
decided to take egg salad sandwiches for lunch 
every day. 
All year.
Not sure she will touch the stuff now.
And stories of teaching at
 Grove School
right out of college with
her friend Marge.

And stories from our beloved 
Middlefork School.
Harry Collins gave it to her.
I say *our* beloved because I feel it is woven into 
the history that is our family.

I remember setting her doll collection up in 
the display cases in the front hall every year.
I remember her office 
with the Necco wafers in the desk drawer
that in later years became those awful
eucalyptus drops.
I remember helping her put the new school supplies 
in her room at the start of a new school year.
I remember the smell of the supply closet.
I remember the purple haze from all the cigarette smoke
in the teacher's lounge.
I remember going to the fair every year as a child
and then taking Shanna and Breese.

One of my favorite teacher stories Big tells
is about the little boy who just couldn't sit still. 
Finally out of exasperation, Big tossed an 
eraser at him.
I think it bonked him in the head.
This was before the days that such a 
thing would have landed Big in jail, 
but nonetheless, she figured she'd 
catch a little flack from his mother.
Turns out he went home and told his mom,
"Miss Osborne is treating me just like you do."
No jail time, just a chuckle among adults
whose hearts were all in the right place.

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