Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfume Tray

Gaye was over yesterday and we were talking about
the posts I am doing all month
and she came up with a memory of Big
that I hadn't thought of.
Big's perfume tray.
We both remember all the pretty little bottles.
I remember rearranging them.
But funny, neither us us remember
Big having a particular *scent*. 
So, either she used a different one every day
or, she used none and she just liked 
pretty little bottles too. 

It appears this is another tradition of Big's that 
Breese has carried on. 
However, Big's bottles were smaller and prettier.
...just sayin'...

If I had to associate a scent with Big it
would be Listerene.
How was she able to put that
vile stuff in her mouth!!??
And she still does!

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