Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A 2011 survey by the United States Postal Service
indicated that the typical American home
receives a personal letter
once every 7 weeks. 
Thanks to my aunt, 
my daughter and niece and
many more people are able
to contradict that survey.

They receive a personal letter 
EVERY week.

It's Big's passion.
She started writing to the girls 
when they went away to college.
I think she figured to only write until they graduated.
Ten plus years from graduation and she's still writing.
And they are writing back.

It's Big's ministry. 
She wrote to Lory's son
while he was fighting in Iraq.
She's written to many service members.
All of them family of friends.

It's Big's heart.
She writes to shut-ins from church.
The first time I took her to Hallmark
I about passed out when they totaled up her sale.
They just hand her all the freebies 
when she walks in.

It's Big's legacy.
She saves all the letters the girls write to her.
They have all of hers too.

Love and prayers.

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