Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cracking Big Up

Retelling this story would send Big into
such laughing fits that she couldn't 
speak and her eyes would tear up.

It's basically a story about a girl
who wears a green ribbon around her neck.
She gets married and her husband wants her to 
take the ribbon off. 
I don't remember exactly how it goes but 
I believe he takes the ribbon off
as she sleeps.
Her head very promptly falls off. 
For some reason, when Big 
gets to the part where her head falls off
she losses it.
Big time.

The girls would ask her to tell them the story
all the time. 
Not because they liked the story so much, 
watching Big go bonkers was the

Weird story. 
Weird reaction. 

But this from the lady whose mother used to
move her index finger in circles around
a babies belly and say, 
"load my gun, load my gun,"
then poke their bellies and say
"shoot my pig pig."


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