Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love From Maggie

Hi. My name is Maggie.
 I am Merry's niece and Big's
(Or as we called her Meme) great niece.
 I have only had 1 grandma and 1 Meme my whole life. 
I don't hear many people talk about how important their
 great aunt is to them.
So, even shorted a few grandparents,
 I am very very fortunate to have 1 Meme + 1 grandma.

I think Meme always wanted twins in the family.
(Pls note: Shanna and I are *not* twins.)
I am the proud (first time) owner of
one year old twin boys. 
When I told Meme and grandma 
I was expecting they were so excited!! 
After that every week or so when Meme
 would write me a letter 
and she would always tell me a story of the 
multiples she taught, or include a diaper coupon.
Breese, Leon and Conner.

Meme does not travel anymore. 
Around the time my aunt Mer 
was planning her 90th year celebration, 
my cousin Breese was here in Orlando helping 
me take care of 6 week olds with reflux.
 I mentioned to Breese how cool it would be
 if the boys met Meme. 
Then Breese and I remembered what 
Meme did for us one summer. 
Meme flew with Breese out to Colorado
 (where I grew up) to visit. 
She then took both Breese and me 
back to STC. and I got to visit the 
family there for a couple weeks. 
We figured it would be pretty tricky with 
4 month old twins.
 But, Breese is a forward thinker. 
She planned it all out, got my and my husband's "ok" 
then she and my other awesome aunt Gaye made it happen. 
And these are the results:

We ding dong ditched Meme. 
She did not have a heart attack. 
We had a great time that whole week!

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