Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love From Lory

This post is by Lory.
This is the closest picture I have of her
with Big.
It's a good pic.

Here's Lory:

I am currently laboring over writing a book – 
and there is more labor in that than at the birth 
of my three sons – combined. 
I’m not complaining, mind you, 
I love the result of my first three labors…

Big Mary (or affectionately, just “Big”)
 has been laboring for decades over her book, 
that she writes one letter at a time. 
And by letter, I mean the kind that is keeping the 
US Postal Service is business – single handedly.  
Seriously, if Big ever stops writing the USPS 
will be forced to lay off people!  
They should honor her with a stamp!

When my oldest son was in Iraq with the Marines, 
she wrote him every week.  
She didn’t expect a response from him, 
and she never got one (to his mother’s dismay). 
But she wrote faithfully for years.  
I can assure you that his mother felt the love!

Have you ever received a thank you card from Big? 
If you know Big, you probably have; 
so you know what I’m talking about.  
You feel properly thanked –
sometimes disproportionally thanked
to the object of the thanks!

And with the aid of Hallmark,
 her letters are beautifully illustrated. 
When you buy a card at Hallmark, 
they ask if you want the gold seals.  
They don’t ask Big, they just put them in her bag(s). 
And if they were real gold
 (which they should be for Big), 
she would still put them on the envelope, 
cuz that’s the way she rolls.

Yeah, I’m a “Big” fan!  
Happy 90th year, Mary, with much love!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that I just got a Thank You from BIG in the mail for this blog! I'm telling you, she is writing a best seller - one letter at a time!!!