Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Little Something Extra

Ava broke her wrist.
She was at Adventure Club last week where she 
told Mike she tripped over her own feet.
We all thought it was a sprain but a week later
and Ava still favoring the wrist, 
her mom felt it was time for a professional opinion. 
PS, not all broken bones look broken.

This reminded me of a Big story.
I broke my arm once. 
I was running backwards in some race 
at some summer school camp program.

I had a cast from my wrist up to my mid-bicep.
This was back in the days of plaster
and not being able to get casts wet. 
Big was taking us up to Door County
for a little vacation. 
Well, she talked with some lady who told her to 
wrap my cast in saran wrap, 
tape it with electrical tape,
and then put a plastic bag over the whole mess.
Big did just that. 
And then, because she is the best aunt EVER, 
she put me up on her shoulders and walked around
in the pool.

I asked Ava if she could imagine such a thing.
She thought a bit and then said, 
"well, not now!"

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