Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wine Bottle Planter

Lory and I had no visual when Kelly
invited us to join her at a workshop
to make
wine bottle planters.

But Kelly knows Lory and me,
if it has to do with wine we are probably interested
and if Kelly came up with it, it's probably fun.

The hardest part of this project would be cutting the
bottom off the wine bottle.
Good news is they had them pre-cut.
So the project really just entailed us
shoving a plant up the bottle
and stringing it with fishing line.
Well, the fishing line may be 
up there with cutting glass.

But the funnest part of this day was roaming around
Blumen Gardens...
and the margaritas at the end.
Only way it could have been better
would have been if we had to drink
the wine to empty out the bottles.

Oh well, you can't have everything.

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