Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day.
This and Veterans Day 
always make me think of my dad
and the life he lost because of his service
to his country.
He earned the 
Bronze Star
and the
Purple Heart.

He also earned my mother's heart.
He didn't die in the war but he did
lose his life.

Mom says he came back different.
This was the time between the terms
shell shock

My dad fell between that crack.
I have to believe he tried  
and I know for
certain my mother tried to help him
but he was a broken man.

I am lucky, I am the baby of the family.
I have some fond memories of my dad.
My siblings may not be able to make that statement.

I am thinking and praying for all the 
soldiers who have fought 
to protect the life I have and in 
the process lost theirs.

God bless them and the 
ones who love them.

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