Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Southwestern Chopped Salad

I've been waiting to write about this until
I could remember to take a picture. 
I finally did!

This is a great salad for the summer.
It's pretty hearty and so goes well
with a simple 
chicken breast or piece of salmon.
In fact you could probably add in some
chopped chicken and call it a meal.

It's black beans,
bell pepper,
cherry tomatoes, 
green onions
and a head of romaine.

The dressing is lots of cilantro, 
so if you don't like cilantro
maybe some store-bought 
southwest-type dressing would work. 

Here's the link for the dressing.
She suggests trying avocado instead
of the greek yogurt.
That sounds really great and I may try it next time.

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