Friday, May 17, 2013

Cannellini Couscous Salad

In an effort to reduce my cholesterol
and come up with dinners that don't involve the oven,
I have *created* this.
I say *created* because I did start with a
recipe but I think I've changed enough
ingredients that it has become a new thing.

pearl couscous
red onion
grape tomatoes
cannellini beans
tuna fish
fresh corn
sweet peppers
all tossed together
and dressed with
1 T. olive oil
2T. balsamic
1 T. lime juice.

It was better after it sat for a while.

Also, when chopping multiple ingredients
I think it's always a good idea to make
everything about the same size.
So for this everything was between
 the size of a grain of couscous and a bean.

It will be lunch today.
Along with this:
It's Margarita Friday!

Oh, and I asked the doc about Margaritas.
He says they won't impact my cholesterol numbers.
Besides, he said, you need some vices in order
to give something up.
I told him, more like to have
something to lie to him about.

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