Friday, May 10, 2013

Hash Brown-Crusted Quiche

This is starting to look like 
The Maddie Channel
so I thought I had best post some food.

This is a little something I 
spied on Pinterest.
It's basically frozen shredded
hash browns that you mix with some melted butter,
line a greased quiche pan with 
and then bake for about 20 minutes to brown up. 
Then you add your own idea of quiche filling
and bake.

Couple of things:
The hash browns don't really stay up
on the sides to form a crust.
They don't really get very brown.
And the ones on the bottom get way
crunchy. Kind of hard to eat crunchy.

So, it wasn't a bust but not so good 
that I will be doing it again.
And here's a picture of Maddie for you. 

It IS the Maddie channel.

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