Saturday, June 2, 2012

Margarita Frosting Shooters

When on Pintrest I pin anything "Margarita".
It is my goal to make all things
 "Margarita" by the end of the summer.
And so it begins.

I am not a big sweets or frosting person
but I am always interested in things I can
fill these little glasses with.
(thank you Nancy and Steve)

Well, I ate 2!
I was a little leery of the graham cracker/pretzel
layer but it totally works.
That salty kick is just what the 
sweet, limey, tequila-y frosting needs. 
I used pre-smashed graham crackers
because I had them but next time I'll
smash my own and not pulverize them like
these were. 
Other than that,

Pretty but, not so yum.
In all fairness the recipe did state that they were a bit
"stiff" and you may want to substitute
water for half the tequila.
I am of the opinion that when making a recipe 
for the first time you should make it as written. 
I may reevaluate that stance.
But, pretty, yes?

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