Friday, June 15, 2012

The Eyes Of A Child

There is no better way to see the world
than through the eyes of a child.
I got to see Chicago that way today.
 It was Ava's first ride on a train and her first
trip to the city.
Let me tell you, the people around her had about as good a time
watching her exuberance as she had exuberating!
 And while a swimsuit may have been a good idea, 
some suits just aren't meant for the city.
just sayin...

I was really excited to share one of my favorite
places with Ava.
She really wanted to get up there and hug the lion.
Mike thinks they arrest you if you get on one of them.
I'm happy to say we did not make a visit to
the CPD on *this* visit.

We did, however, visit 
The Art Institute's 
website in the morning.
This link takes you to the coolest thing.
It's a series of games that familiarizes kids with
some of the artwork and then you can 
stroll the museum and find the actual
art that was part of the games.
Way cool and I'm so glad we did that.

I decided to just let Ava roam.
We saw rooms I never go in.
And then I thought of 
The Thorn Rooms.
You know, the miniature rooms.
Well, she went NUTZ!
There are 68 rooms and she was as enthused
about the 68th one as she was about the first!
Well, maybe not the early American rooms
so much, but very enthused nonetheless.
A lady was so taken by Ava's excitement 
that she told us a bout a book titled,
"68 Rooms". It's about some kids
who go on a field trip to The Art Institute
and get locked in at night, shrink and then 
run around through these rooms.
We'll grab that tomorrow.

I learned a few things today.
Take a swimsuit to the Millennium Park fountain.
Take a towel.
Take a visit to your museum of choices 
website before you go.
Take the kid's lead.
And most important,
take a kid!

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