Monday, June 11, 2012


Just in case I think I'm all that clever.
Lance is clever-er.
He's 3-D Val's husband.

He threw a surprise retirement party for 
Flat Val.
And he wasn't satisfied with just surprising
3-D Val. 
He surprised us all with Cyndi. 
That's her in the purple on the end.
He went so far as to have me make a 
Flat Cyndi. 
You see, she lives in Tennessee.
None of us in on "the" secret expected for 
a minute she would make the trip up here for this 
little soiree. 

Lance is up for husband of the year award. 
Well, for the month at least.....

And he may have wormed his way into the sisterhood.
Well, or something. 

Thanks Lance!

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