Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes I have too many things to write about. 
So I write nothing.
How does that work?
So, it's 4 AM and I feel compelled to post something
on here just to keep Mom and Big 
coming back.
These are the things I would like to write about:
The Lobster Fly In,
the Embrace A Family Happy Hour, 
Ava channeling Jackson Pollock,
a single mom and sheets from Idaho,
Caribbean pork tenderloin with green sauce.
And since I always like to have a visual, 
I'm pretty sure there's a story in me about
father/son projects. 
And, how many times can Mike
install/ uninstall/ install this microwave?


  1. Hi Mom and Big :)


  2. Although I would love to hear more details about all those great blog topics, just listing them brings up new possibilities: like each of us IMAGINING what we expect to hear about the event(s) that we happened to be involved in, or even the ones we were not! Imagineering, like hoping, is good stuff... Selah, Holly

  3. Imagineering..... I wanna go back to Disney World!!!!! :o(