Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grilled Potato Salad

This was really good. 
Think German potato salad meets American,
and they get along!
Except they'll give you a heart attack.

This came from Food Network magazine.
You boil the potatoes and then coat
them in a really flavorful mayonnaise concoction.
It would be good enough there but then
you grill the potatoes
(yes, mayo coating and all)
and then toss in a bacon vinaigrette!
So good!

My deviations:
I cut the potatoes in 1.5 inch
I used extra bacon 
(of course)
and used cilantro instead of parsley
and yukon gold instead of red potatoes
(they're what I had.)

I wouldn't make this every day but 
I will make it 

1 comment:

  1. Liebe Merry,
    The grilled potato salad looks delish. We must try it some time. Got to figure out, how to keep all that from falling through the grid into the fire. Just kidding. I know, there are special grilling baskets and other holey containers.
    Are you sure the taters were 1.5 inches? They look more like 1/2". 1.5 inch slices would give you mostly half-potatoes.
    Mike and you are such fantastic hosts. We had a great time again last Friday evening. Herzlichsten Dank!


    Oma and Opa