Monday, December 16, 2013

O Holy Night

The weary world rejoices.
It's interesting to me how many people
who don't practice a faith at 
all will celebrate Christmas.

I know it's been secularized, 
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.

I think people are searching for that savior,
 whether it be Santa, 
or an elf.
Christ is the Lord! Oh praise His name forever!

You won't find salvation in 
that gift, 
that fruitcake 
or that eggnog.
The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger.

Let all within us praise His holy name!


  1. Ohhh.... you are so right, Merry! We need a little Christmas, every day! an "O Holy Night" attitude carried with us always. LOVE your choice of songs. :) About the secularization of the Christmas story, I think it can be a good thing: Imagine how MANY people, who would never darken the door of a church, are hearing the entire Gospel this season, in all those Christmas carols that are being played now in public places?! It's astounding to me, really... He who has ears to hear, let him hear. ~ Holly

  2. I agree with you, Holly about people who would never regularly attend church. That's why when other people grumble about the "Chreasters" I say at least they know of 2 times a year they should be in church!