Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good News

Close your eyes, fold your hands
For a moment let your sorrow fade.

 Why or why are you afraid?
Has this world stripped you of your faith?

The world can beat you up. 
God sent us peace.

Close your eyes and on bended knee,
listen to an angel pray

And once again prepare the way, 
so you'll see a gift that's given.

It's a gift that is given anew every
Christmas day but is available
to each of us every day of the year.

The child grew up to wear a cross
The child grew up to pledge a life

We come to the cradle every Christmas
 but the way is open all year long.
It's by way of the cross.

Good News, Good News, an Angel
brings Good News
Good News, Good News, I leave you
with Good News!

I can't find it anywhere on Youtube to 
link it in case you haven't heard it.
You will just have to go buy her Christmas CD. 
It's amazing and you won't be disappointed.

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