Saturday, December 21, 2013

Give the Guy a Tissue, Please!

Dominic the donkey has a German hoofed cousin named Rudolph.  You’ve probably heard of the little guy with the perpetual cold.  I’m sure Kleenex with lotion was created with him in mind.  Poor little four footed tike – always being teased for lack of appropriate nose wipes.  My nose would look much the same if I lived at the North Pole.  I could have been famous!!  But I digress…

Unlike Merry’s blog yesterday, I didn’t do any added research into this song.  You see, the words of the song are true:

You’ll go down in his-tory.
And indeed, he has.  Kids today still watch the same documentary of his life that I did – ummm – LOTS of years ago.  Same singing snowman who sounds like Burl Ives – except they don’t catch that connection.  Same lamenting Santa waiting for salvation from a sniffley reindeer.  Again, I digress...

So coming back to the point - the point being Jesus.  I have to admit: Ruddy has little to offer.  Jesus would have shared his lodging with the dear deer, as he did with so many other four legged friends.  Perhaps the Babe would have giggled as He reached out to touch the glowing red ball.  Of course, then the sinuses would have been healed and the nose would have faded to black.  History would have been re-written.  No, strike that - history was re-written when that Babe touched this Earth!  That’s the point of Christmas!

Sorry, Rudolph.  You are a side bar at best – lovable and loved – but not historical.  Hope Santa brings you Kleenex!

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