Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There IS Value in Pintrest

There's a new movement out there
among Bloggers.
They are all up in arms that people are crediting
Pintrest with ideas.
They argue Pintrest does not create the idea,
Bloggers do.
Well, that is true, however, I was never
gonna find that recipe or craft idea on my own.
I don't have the time to cruise the internet *that* much.
I love Pintrest as a clearing house of good ideas.
So, I'm gonna tell you where I
 found that idea or recipe. 
Give credit where credit is due. 
I do, however, and will continue to,
provide links to where the recipe etc. can be found. 
Because it's true, Pintrest didn't create it,
they just provided the vehicle to know the 
idea is out there.
And there is value in that.

 PS, can I tell you how many Blogs I have found
thanks to Pintrest?

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