Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Bites

Another entry in my
"Can I Call You Pumpkin"

These were really good but I was very surprised at 
the steps that were troublesome.
One might think forming the cups of cookie
would be difficult but given the right tools, they were
a piece of cake. 
Or cookie.
Finding the pumpkin cookie mix was a problem.
After three stores I decided sugar cookie mix
with a healthy dose of pumpkin pie spice would 
And it did.

Mixing pumpkin pudding (not hard to find)
with a cup of heavy cream proved to be an issue.
It turned to cement.
The recipe called for you to whisk it till smooth.
Can you see the folly in that?
And then it said to put it in the fridge so it 
could set up enough to pipe.

Set up enough to pipe was NOT a problem.
Piping cement pumpkin pudding

But I persevered.
24 times.

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