Friday, October 12, 2012

Brisket Bowls

It's what Rachel Ray calls it but really, 
there should be a more descriptive name for it. 
But as I have already established, 
I don't have the recipe naming skill.

Apparently neither does Rachel.

But I digress. 
This was really good.
The recipe has you cook it in a dutch oven but
you really could do it in a slow cooker too. 

There is a little asian hint of flavor to it but
not overpowering.
You are supposed to serve it with a slice of 
lime that you drizzle over and believe it or not, 
it was really good.

I did change up one thing in the recipe.
You were supposed to line a bowl with rice
that you have added spinach and cilantro to, 
making it *green* and then spoon the meat and 
sauce into the middle of it. 
Hence the name. 
But we are on a rice moratorium at the moment.

Thank you Consumer's Reports. 
It seems there is arsenic in our rice.
The Chinese have found yet another way to
yank our chains. 
Remember the red dye/paint in kids toys?
Well, now it's arsenic. 
It's running off fields from the pesticides and 
into the rice patties.
Mike thinks we should get rice made in the 
Are there rice patties in the USA?

But I digress yet again.
I used mashed sweet potatoes. 
So far they are arsenic free. 
And maybe even grown in the USA.

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