Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft Night

Or, Girls Night Out.
You decide.
It was multi-generational
as well as

I wish I had thought to take a shot of each project.
But unfortunately
(or fortunately)
I had taken a shot or two of this.
Good choices for a craft night, don't you think?
The prominence of the wine in this picture cracks me up. 

What also cracks me up is it was us *old* ones
hitting the wine. 
The *young* ones stuck with water and pop. 
It will be fun to see over time who exerts more influence.

So the run down of crafts, 
Christine decopoged black and white
photos all over a huge papermached "H".
Lory made a sock rabbit. 
Holly worked on 4 scrapbook pages.
Amy assisted Viki with tutu making.
Viki made a tutu and this:
the hit of the night!
(the hat, not Aidan)
Oh, I meant craft hit. 
As far as baby hit, Aidan had that locked down!
Poor boy had to be our model. 
Only consolation I have for him is that he was spitting
up enough that Viki did not want to put the tutu on him.

I, on the other hand, had the miss of the night.
In theory you are supposed to be able to coat a balloon with 
Elmer's glue and stick buttons all over the bottom
and when the glue dries you pop the balloon and have a pretty bowl.
OK, so I tried using stained glass pieces and maybe
went a little heavy on the glue. 
Oh, and there are those pesky wine glasses in the background. 

Hmmm, never-mind. 
I played with Aidan and had the idea for the
jaunty little tilt to the hat. 
I'll leave you with that.

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