Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why You Should Label Items In Your Freezer

My husband will be eating mystery dinner tonight. 
Remember that game, 
"Mystery Date?"
I'm pretty sure Mike didn't play that game as a little
boy and so I'm also pretty sure he won't find
the correlation fun.
So here we have it.

I have been looking at it for a while.
Read: months.
I'm hoping once it is thawed out 
we will be able to identify it
and put a name to it.

I think it's a little unsettling to eat 
something that you have no idea as to its
I am fairly certain it came from my kitchen. 
But that is about the only thing I can
be relatively confident of.
Oh, and I probably froze it while it was still good. 
Read: not about to go rancid.
I'm heating as I write. 
I see carrots,
it smells like beef. 
I'm gonna guess a stew.....
No, wait, there is barley in there.

It's gotta be beef barley soup!

I think I'll wait till after dinner to tell 
Honey I've written a new post :O)

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