Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea #1

The title of this post would imply I have 
a series of gift ideas all mapped out.
Um, not so much.
But it does show the optimistic attitude with which
I present this idea. 

A few years ago my mother had the idea that she would
prefer not to get gifts of "stuff."
She asked us all to give her gifts of donations.
Time or money, either was good.
At first it was intimidating but after some thought
each family was able to come up with ideas unique
to them.

I'll share the one we gave my mother the first year
now and will hold out some of the other ideas in
hopes of many moments of happy blog reading
for the future. 

My grandfather had an affinity for 
The Salvation Army.
I'm not sure of the origin but I do recall a family tale 
involving it, my grandpa and my brother.
So our gift to my mother was the four of us ringing
the bell at a few different times during the
Christmas season. 
I had in mind buying a bell and wrapping it up as
a token of our gift but I wound up with 
something better.
We were such enthusiastic bell ringers that 
we actually rang a bell right off it's handle.
Yep, gave mom that busted up bell.  
OK, well, in the spirit of full disclosure, 
this is not the bell. 
This is not even my photograph. 
But the bell we busted up looked like this when we got it :o)
And I like visuals. 


  1. Oh this is such a sweet idea and I love the fact you wrapped up the broken bell! I really like this christmas giving idea...we are such a large family and it costs too much money to keep buying everyone gifts so a couple of years ago we all just stopped (which is sad) I will definitely be suggesting this to everyone! Thanks!

  2. I'd be interested in what your family come up with! Have fun :o)