Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Triple-Ginger Squares

Or in my case, Double.
I didn't have any candied ginger in the freezer.
So, Double-Ginger Squares it is.

I got the recipe from November's issue of
Better Homes and Gardens. 
They don't have the recipe on the website that I can find so, 
sorry, you'll have to buy the magazine.

There were a couple of surprises in it.
Which I have actually heard of in some spice bread recipes
but just hadn't used myself.
of baking powder. That's a lot of baking powder in my book.
The cook time. 
They said *33* to 35 minutes. 
That seems pretty specific to me and so I was surprised 
when they actually took more like 45 minutes.

And I took a couple of liberties.
"Mild-flavored" molasses became whatever I had in the cupboard.
Whipping cream became skim milk. 
Room temperature butter became butter that I beat
the bejesus out of in the stand mixer. 
It gets warm, eventually.

Part of the beauty of these was that I had *close*
to everything in house to make them.
Oh, and the other beauty?
They are amazingly delicious!!!

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