Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea #3

A Memory Box
I have done variations on this.
This one was for my mom. 
I did one for Big Mary too. 
They are great for someone who *needs* nothing.
I got the unfinished wood boxes and 
burned and painted them myself. 
But I have also used "off the rack" boxes as well.
This one was for Honey's 50th.
This one was for my friend Val's 50th.

Honey's had 50 things I love about him.
Mom and Big's each had 50 memories.
I sent an e-mail to my siblings and asked them to contribute.
I just wanted short little one lines, even just a word.
Like "The wooden spoon" LOL
I had them all rolled up individually 
and tied with a piece of embroidery floss. 

It's a fun project but start early.
50 is a lot!

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