Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Bestie's Birthday

Our first known photo together.
I think we both look better now.
Going back through our pictures there are a lot like these:

But we do do other things together;
Scooter rides
Jumpy Houses
The Cayman Islands
Margarita Fridays
Random Cards
Road Trips
Cookie Days
Bible Study
Bike Rides

A lady once referred to us as being
"joined at the hip"
like it was a bad thing.
But really, going through all my pictures I am surprised
at the events where there is not a picture
of the two of us with our heads locked together.
This tells me two things, 
We are not joined at the hips in exclusion to others,
and that as I look back on the events 
of the past 14 years, even if there is not
photographic proof, I can see Lory's place in all of them.
And it makes me happy.

One last one:
You're never too old for a Bestie, are you?
(or a jumpy house)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! We have gotten better with age, haven't we! Joined at the hip and the soul! That makes us side by side no matter how far apart we are! Love you, Merry!