Thursday, August 4, 2011

S'Mores Cupcakes

Sorry, no picture. 
This was another recipe form 
Cuisine At Home
They don't post their recipes on line so again, no link.
I have found quite a few recipes from this publication
 so I need to be sure to let my sister know that 
should she ever decide to stop her subscription 
to give me the heads up so I can get my own. 
Till then, thanks, Gaye!

This recipe was interesting on a couple of fronts. 
To make a really "graham cracker" cupcake
the recipe calls for you to pulverize graham crackers to dust
and then use said dust as the "flour." 
Interesting, huh?
The other fun thing and the point in my story is the 
marshmallow you make from scratch to top the 
cupcakes with and then toast. 

Therein lies the problem.
I went in search of a culinary torch, you know, like a
blow torch but smaller. 
None were to be found except for one at 
Williams Sonoma. 
For $40. 
Um, no. 
The sales lady asked me what I was making and when I 
told her she asked if it was from 
Cuisine At Home magazine and that
I was the third person in there looking for a torch 
for the same recipe. 

That's funny but here's part two of that story;
two of the gals who work there and I put our
heads together and decided that people used their broilers
to brown the tops of things before they started bringing
apparatus in from the garage. 
Um, no. 
It just melts the marshmallow down into a flat disc
on top of your now melted ganache. 

Hence, no photo. 
PS, they did taste good. :o)

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