Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Years of Margarita Fridays

Lory and I have a standing summertime date.
Friday afternoons are for us. 
We started out at Mom and Big's pool but when they moved 
we had to adapt.
We did.

It was easier before we had responsibilities
(read "jobs").
And again we have adapted. 
A Margarita Thursday or Wednesday or Saturday
is not unheard of.

Really, the day doesn't matter. 
And truth be told, the margarita is not *absolutely* required. 
(Lory doesn't read these, right?)

It's us connecting. 
Touching base.
Sounding off. 
Reality check. 
Pep rally.

This year we have made it a point to reach out. 
To share the love, so to speak. 
Most weeks it's just (but not *just*) the two of us.

This past week was fantastic!
Some people came and went, 
like Lyn and Sarah Joy.
Lyn just comes through the back yard :o)
 And some people got here after the group photo op.

A few of the guys showed up later and we all enjoyed a
Meat Extravaganza!

What a wonderful, eclectic, group of women.
No one person knew every woman here
(me included)
before this afternoon.
 But from the sounds of
all the
sounding off, 
lifting up, 
story telling,
no one person was a stranger by the end of the day.


  1. Good thing there is no *like* button on your post, cuz it just doesn't do justice!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! We are blessed with each other and with so many other women in our lives! Margarita Fridays - an essential element of summer!! (Of course, I read your blog! But I agree that margarita Fridays are much more important than alcohol!)

  2. Wow! 10 years... how wonderful for you all! That's a testament to friendship through thick and thin. And thank you for allowing so many of us to be "grafted on". I am a beneficiary of your "sharing the love"!
    Grace and Hope to us all, Holly