Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Margaritas

In honor of Aidan Matthew!
Lory's newest grandson (she's up to 3 of them)
had the good form to be born on a Thursday
so as to not disrupt Margarita Friday.
And in so doing, gave us extra reason to celebrate.
I like this kid already.

I have a couple of hints about the blue margarita.
Use Blue Curacao instead of Triple Sec. 
And if you want truly blue as opposed to 
the kind of green I got
 ( the color in the picture is way better than real life)
use a clear tequila as opposed to the golden 
standard fare. That combined with the yellowish 
lime juice and golden agave gave me a pretty solid
gold that when mixed with my blue
gave me art 101, green!

So, next week if I take my blue/green margarita
and put in watermelon ice cubes will 
I then get

And, can a rainbow margarita party be far behind?


  1. Friday afternoon art class - how educational! Who says you can't drink the paint?

  2. Or you could use blue tequila! I forgot that Michael and I were given blue tequila at the wedding.... Sorry!