Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beef Wellzones

Or, another reason to eat puff pastry.
Well, maybe "reason" isn't the right word. Really, does 
puff pastry need a reason or just an excuse?

Brian Boitano was making these this weekend over at 
The Food Network.
He served them with what looked to me to be a 
rather funky cheese sauce. 
This time I actually read the reviews before
made the recipe and determined I was probably right in my
 assumption, and so made a nice little pan gravy with 
the remnants of the mushroom concoction left in the pan
and a bit of my previously mentioned Demi-Glace.

I also made 4 instead of 6, and used a ribeye cut up 
for two of them and the tenderloin for the other two.
Just to see if it made that big a difference.
It did.
Use the tenderloin. 

Some of the reviews commented that it was a pretty
involved recipe. 
I didn't find it to be and actually put it all together after work.

It does have to chill out in the fridge for 
half an hour before you bake it. 
Worked out great to sit back, 
have a glass of wine, 
and watch Honey mow the lawn.
Oh yeah, I'm over that!

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