Thursday, January 9, 2014

SteamPunk Frame

Steampunk is a subculture
Maggie explained to me. 
I had seen a girl with this way funky hat
in Valpo and asked her if I could take a picture of it.
I showed it to Maggie and 
she schooled me.
She also advised me only nerds were 
So, I'm a nerd too. 

As best I can explain, it's a subculture, 
that derives it's identity from 
kind of futuristic Jules Vern 
sort of stuff. 
Like around the era of steam power.

But here:
make this Streampunk.

I had been wanting to try the technique
on the base of the frame.
The explanations all have you using glue
to create the raised pattern. 
I felt the fabric paint
would give me better control because of the 
fine tip and the paint would flow easier than glue.

It did. 
Once it's dry you just spray paint the whole thing. 

But I never leave good enough alone.

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