Monday, January 6, 2014

Energy(?) Bars

A friend of mine shared a "recipe" with me for 
I am not familiar with them but why would that stop me?
I also did not have all the ingredients she suggested
but again, 
why would that stop me?

So, here you have my interpretation of 
a knock-off of a Larabar. 

They are just 
dried apricots,
(or any dried, no sugar added fruit)
raw cashews and/or almonds, 
unsweetened coconut 
and a hit of vanilla.
All in about equal proportions
(except the vanilla)
I used about a cup of each.
You mash it all into submission in a food processor.
Then press it into a parchment paper 
lined loaf pan, chill and slice.

They are a plague approved food.
As in, we are fighting cancer here :)

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