Monday, August 26, 2013

Praise God

From whom all blessings flow.

Mike and I are on a journey.
We thought when we first started out we knew 
where it would lead.
It took a turn.
We rolled with the punches
and thought we had a new plan.

God laughed.

As I write this it occurs to me 
that I can be talking about the 
last 29 years
or the last 29 days.

I could fill many Blog posts
with our antics over the last 29 years, 
but today I will concentrate on the 
more immediate past.

My husband was diagnosed with
prostate cancer.
I cannot be more proud of the man
I saw these past weeks.
I always thought he loved 
his family.
Through this experience I got to see
him prove it. 

On our way today to meet with the
surgeon, we each said our own private 
prayers and discussed 
what miracle we would love to see
God pull out for us.

Well, Mike still has cancer
but a surgeon gave us an option
that we didn't know was there.
And it doesn't involve surgery.

We will go the route of
active surveillance.
Mike will se the doctor every
three months for monitoring.
At the slightest hint of a change, that
prostate can come right out.

I cannot tell you the 
I feel with this decision.
I had felt at peace with God through 
all this so far but the surgery just felt
off to me.
This feels right.

The Holy Spirit
masquerades as intuition,
I think, 
like now.

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