Thursday, August 8, 2013

Museum Of Science And Industry

OK, don't tell anyone, 
not my favorite.

Here's why:
1) It takes quite a while to get to. 
1 plus hours on the train, walk to bus, 
stop go, stop, go, 
and then goooo, all totaled
we left the house at 9:15 and arrived at the museum
about noon.

2) It's a lot of reading stuff.
I want to look at stuff. 
I like to read books, not walls.

3) It's laid out weird, not at all intuitive
to my way of thinking.

4) You have to sign up and pay extra 
ahead of time for the submarine and
coal mine exhibits. Which, 
actually, worked in my favor, 
I'm claustrophobic.

Ava liked it. 
she liked:

1) The baby chicks.

2) The farm section with the giant tractors
and the videos of cows and pigs
being born.

3) The water works section.

4) The submarine stuff you could do without 
 going in the actual submarine.

We just have
The Field Museum, 
Adler Planetarium , 
The Shedd aquarium 
left and we will have seen it all. summer

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