Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baseball Wall

I am not the only person
perusing Pinterest.
Breese is too. 
In anticipation of a 
four year old guest on a regular basis
she is decorating her spare bedroom in
a baseball motif. 
Not a fan of the game. 
But I am a fan of Breese's.
So here you have it:
The baseball wall.
Some of the images on Pinterest don't include
the shading. 
I felt the shading added a lot.

You also will be hard pressed 
to pick up any tips on doing this, 
so here are mine. 

First, I used a 
thumb tack, 
a piece of string
and a pencil
to draw my arcs. 
I would have preferred a piece of chalk to the pencil
because figuring the width of the arcs
along with how far apart they should be
turned out to be an act of faith.

Also, the wall I was painting was oblong, not a square
so the space between the arcs seems a bit off.
I think squaring off an area might have worked better.

And here's a little tip you won't find
anywhere else, 
make a template for the stitches, 
it sets a consistent arch along with consistent spacing. 

Still not a fan of the game.
Thankfully, still a fan of Breese :)

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