Monday, August 5, 2013

"Explanations never comfort. We don't need explanations. We need the presence of God." ~Rick Warren

I'm not big into the 
of things. 

Many things I just don't feel the need to know 
Somehow planes get up in the air.
I flip a switch and I get lights.
Rain comes out of the clouds.
(Actually, Michelle tried to 
explained that to me once.)

Some things are easier to conform to
if you understand the 
Mike likes the shower curtain left closed.
It lets the liner dry out.
Mike likes the shower curtain left open a little.
It lets air circulate so we don't get mildew.
Mike likes to engage the parking brake on flat land.
It helps exercise the mechanism.

I guess Mike has to explain himself to me a lot.

But one place I have not asked 
yet is God's plan.
He has had the graciousness to let
me see first hand how seemingly 
awful situations can be turned around and used 
for His glory.
That's what I'm going with here.

I'm not gonna understand His plan
 this side of heaven.
He could try to explain it to me but
I have the feeling it would work out about 
as well as my understanding of rain.

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