Sunday, July 29, 2012

Corn and Tomato Salad With...

Wait for it.....
LEMON Dressing.
That's right, mom, I said

FYI, I dislike all things lemon.
It stared as a child when Mom and Big would
terrorize me every Saturday morning
by vacuuming incessantly
and dusting the house to within an 
inch of its life with 
Lemon Pledge.

I don't
or do lemon.

But I may be easing my stance in my old age.
I won't get so carried away as to start
dusting or vacuuming, 
but lemons,
a little bit.

This recipe came from
I subscribe to their on-line newsletter.

As mentioned before, I have an 
abundance of tomatoes.
The salad would have been even prettier had I 
used all red tomatoes but I have 
many yellow ones.
It's still pretty.

The only variation  I made
was reducing the mint by half.
I really wanted to get that hint of flavor in there
but did not want to off-put Honey.

He thinks mint only belongs in toothpaste.
Wonder what childhood story is lurking there...

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