Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ava And The Arboretum

You know "Where's Waldo"?
It's like that.
And once you find Ava the next question is,
where is this place?
The Morton Arboretum.

I knew the Morton Arboretum existed
because I see the sign for
it every time I drive up 88 coming
 home from Indianapolis.
I was never much interested in exploring it till I saw
the pictures a friend of mine posted of
her grandkids there in the
children's garden.

What a fun place!
We took Oma and the little guy she watches with us.
They have a tadpole pond that in theory
you can search for tadpoles in.
In theory,
you walk on those rocks and look into the water.
In actuality,
little boys fall into the
water as much as they can and it becomes
rather murky.
But that's still fun!
There are tree houses that you get to
by way of rope bridges.
There are play structures.
Manmade and otherwise.
Not sure which category this picture
falls into.
But it's all fun!

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