Sunday, July 24, 2011

Restaurant Review

Steve likes it when I do restaurant reviews so,
this one's for Steve. 
To celebrate our 27th anniversary Honey and I 
headed out to a little winery in 
Maple Park Illinois for dinner last night. 
I didn't remember to take my camera so you get this little
(increasing your vocabulary=free)

I have only heard wonderful things about this
 little winery and restaurant  
so I was excited to check it out for myself.

First off, the only way to
 get rid of your car is with a valet. 
Did I mention there was nothing for miles around but grape vines?
As in, no Citgo to stash your car at?
It was free, which was good, but we didn't exactly have any cash on us
so tipping our free valet was going to be a challenge. 

We went a little early thinking we could sit in the lounge 
and have a glass of wine before we sat down. 
There is no lounge. 
There is, however, a bar that you can stand at.
No chairs. 
They would like you to do wine tasting standing at said bar.
Not really what I had in mind. 
And Tony seemed none too pleased that we were there early. 
We are not 100% sure who Tony is. 
He informed us that he planted the vines. 
(I'm seeing horses heads in my bed if
 I don't like the fruits of them there vines.)
So maybe we didn't all get off on the right foot. 
(ya think?)
But, actually (actually), the wines are pretty good, 
considering we are in Illinois.

We eventually get seated and sitting right next to us
are some old friends from a previous church. 
That's nice. 
My husband, who is the BEST ever!, requests a dessert menu
before we even look at the dinner menus.
There really wasn't anything that looked like it would 
preclude us from a standard (by our measure) 
meal so on to the main menu.

It really is all standard Italian fare. 
We had a pizza for an appetizer and then split
an order of gnocchi. 
The pizza was good, the gnocchi, eh.
If you want FABULOUS gnocchi got to Tri Bella.
Their gnocchi were like little clouds of wonderful. 
But that was another day. 

When all was said and done, we were happy to have tried 
Acquaviva but probably don't need to go back, 
seeing as how the best part 
of the evening was seeing the Tamlins and McConnels. 
And you can't count on that happening every time!

End note: certain apostrophes have been left out so as 
not to incur the wrath of daughter unit.


  1. Hahaaa! Number one: I looooove this post because you said (actually). Two: I TOTALLY noticed that there were no apostrophes!!! Heh--good thing you love me, cuz unlike my frequent friendly reminder to a certain boyfriend, you did *not* get to pick me. ;) Love you!

  2. But I know you oh so well :o)