Monday, July 18, 2011

Pork Loin with Pinot Noir Sauce

I have my camera and my favorite person to cook for back.
And so you get, 
New Posts!
I know. 
The world waits with bated breath. 
Or at least Mom and Big :o)
So here is yesterday's creation:
As I said before, I love pork tenderloin and am always on the 
look out for new things to do with it.
This was great and really easy. 

The hardest part was educating myself about Demi-Glace.
I happened to walk away from the TV as Claire
was explaining what it is and how you make it.
Big mistake. 
All I knew about it was somebody named
Escoffier had something to do with it and it takes a really 
long time to make. 
Oh, and that my FB friend Maggie had been interested in making it 
from scratch. 
So, at least I knew who to ask for recommendations 
as to a good brand. 
First good call. 
Second good call?
Saying something to the sales person at Williams Sonoma 
about how expensive this stuff was ( $29 for 10 oz)
and that my recipe calls for 2 cups of the stuff!
Uh, it's a concentrate. 
A couple of tablespoon mixed with 2 cups of water should do it. 
Can you imagine what I would have wound up with!?

So crisis averted. 
And I am actually (actually) happy I discovered the stuff.
It has a really deep flavor and the package suggests
adding it to stews. That sounds fantastic.

Lessons learned:
Do NOT walk away from the television. 
Keep someone smarter that you in your back pocket.
Talk to strangers and tell them everything you know. 

Oh, and, Demi-Glace = good thing!

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  1. Yes, YES! THIS is why we tell strangers everything we know! How else would i have been able to make any useful decisions during Shawn's & my visit to the Home Depot tile aisle this afternoon?? :)