Monday, July 25, 2011

Mushroom Wellingtons

It's Meatless Monday
and these were great!
I found the recipe in a little magazine my sister gets for the pictures 
and then passes on to me.
It's called Cuisine At Home and it has a website
but it doesn't appear to offer the recipes on line or I would 
link it here for you. 

Basically these are portobello mushrooms that 
you stuff with mushrooms. 
That just doesn't seem right, kind of cannibalistic,
 but good none the less.
Then you wrap it all up in puff pastry, bake and
Mushroom Wellington!

And while I am happy to share this new find,
the happiest piece of news from all this is, 
Puff Pastry has officially become a staple item in my freezer!

Life is good. 

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