Sunday, September 12, 2010
The adventure begins!
I promised you a recap of the nights festivities and in an effort to be a woman of my word,
 here you go!
What a way cool idea for a "grown up" get together.
My friend The Reluctant Entertainer would love this one!
Our hosts, The Ellis', reserved the site along with a couple of tables. They also provided hot dogs, condiments, S'mores fixings and long skewers for the roasting of food stuffs. The farm provides the fire wood and keeps the fire stoked throughout the evening.
 There must have been 20 (?) campfires around.
There was a mix of ages, Lyn and Scott having invited their friends
along with their son inviting his friends.
I love it that our kids are old enough now that they actually enjoy being in our company! You wind up with a great mix of interests. While I was VERY happy to sit by the campfire and enjoy a glass of wine and just dabble in the whole *corn maze* thing,
 the 20 somethings were all psyched for attacking 11 miles of
corn maze and accumulating all 24 hole punches to prove their having conquered it!
Lyn had a prize for the winners,
 Gummy brains and candy corn, good thinking Lyn!
What a fun and unique idea for a party.
 It leaves me wondering, what other traditionally thought of kids'
 activity could lend themselves to some grown up fun?

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