Monday, September 27, 2010

A Knives Tale

I was Santoku before Santoku was cool.
And quite possibly before it was a word.
Here is my Chicago Cutlery 10 inch butchers knife.
It was part of a set that my father gave us as a wedding gift.
26 years ago.
About 20 years ago I had the bright idea to use the tip of the knife to
pry apart two frozen chicken breasts.
This is what happened. 
Many people over the last 20 years have commented on my 
unique knife.
I love how it just stops right there.
It gives me great leverage and control when chopping away. 
I hate using whole butchers knives.
There is all this blade at the tip that I just don't need.
A few years back some Einstein came up with a bright idea.
Let's take the useless tip off the front of a butcher knife and give it a fancy name.

Lory and Ken gave me this beauty for my birthday.
I just know she's scared to death I'll show up on some cooking show
and take out my knives and she knows that Chicago Cutlery one will be there.
She doesn't want me to look a fool.
She has my back.
She must think I'm on to something with this cooking thing.
I need real tools. 

Well, fine, this knife may be more socially acceptable but I am here to tell you, 

Oh, and here's your take away,
When freezing chicken breasts 
wrap them individually in those fold over
plastic sandwich baggies. Place them flat in a freezer bag, 
don't just toss them all in there willy nilly.
They come apart just fine. 
Or, just use a knife to pry them apart.
It's all good. 

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