Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cupcake

Oh, yes you CAN!!

I'm not sure who, but one of my food blogging friends turned me on to this site:
I made these cupcakes during my cooking extravaganza at
Shanna's house this weekend.
Side note, she's doing way better and is so thankful for all
the prayers sent up for her.
Her mom is thankful too :o)
There is not a healthy thing involved in these and
I believe that is how is should be.
Don't make them every day and don't eat them all yourself.
Use the sour cream.
the pudding,
the 4! eggs,
the oil.
But, here's the one place I did deviate from the recipe,
do you really want to make cupcakes practically from scratch
and THEN make chocolate chip cookie dough?
Yeah, me either, here is where this post earns its keep:
use refrigerated cookie dough!
Worked just great. Also, just because I was doing so much
cooking and had a pretty extensive shopping list, I used all Aldi
products and they were delicious.
Sometimes I worry that the quality of some of those
non-brand named products may not be up to snuff but in this case,
all was good.

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