Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amazing Mini Corn Loaves

Corn Maze Cookout
Any party invite an adult gets that says
"bring a flashlight and your own bottle"
has got Winner Party written all over it!

I'm so excited to go (just wish I had thought of it!)
The hosts are providing the hot dogs and condiments.
Attendees have been instructed to bring aforementioned flashlight
and bottle, along with a lawn chair, muddy shoes,
and a dish to pass.
The fun starts at 7:30 which in this neck of the woods
is just about dusk.
Can you imagine a corn field full of *happy*
adults in the mud with flashlights?
I AM SO bringing my camera!

So, not to be cannibalistic or anything,
but I have decided to bring mini corn bread loaves.
Carol is bringing a corn salad.
Is there a theme running here?
How will all our *digestive tracks* be in the morning?
You know we can't be the only two with this bright idea.

I experimented and I want to share.
I started with two boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix.
I added the 2 eggs, 1/3 cup milk and then 1/3 cup
sour cream instead of more milk. I chopped up one serrano pepper,
and note to all, they say to take a little taste of a pepper
before you put it in your recipe to check for the heat.
Good idea but, hey have a glass of milk close by, them buggers can get HOT!
I tossed in some roasted corn for, as Ina would say, "depth of flavor"
and a bit of grated chedder cheese.
I mixed some sugar and corn meal together and topped each loaf with the mix
before I cooked them.
It worked!

Ok, I'll keep you posted on the outcome of the festivities!

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