Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

Or, rather, two chillies, one city

I have long been intrigued by the sound of "Cincinnati Chili"
and decided that since September and, apparently fall, have decided
to descend on us all at once I would take the opportunity
to explore the world of (or should that be *city* of) Cincinnati chili.
I have found a few "recipe" sites that have proved to be pretty trustworthy,
or at least I haven't downloaded a pizza night rescue yet.
For this recipe I used
My friend, Lynne, makes a Cincinnati chili and looked over the ingredients
and noted that her recipe does not call for the beef stock
or cloves. That's right, I said cloves!
She made her version last night and we are trading samples of
each to one another (hence the two chilies).
As best I can tell, the things that set Cincinnati chili apart from the rest,
aside from the obvious, that it is served over pasta, are the spices.
This recipe had such a perfect ratio of spices that you really
could taste each one without any one overpowering the rest.
Way cool when you consider those spices are:
bay leaf
cayenne pepper
wait for it
It was very good and actually quite easy.
I think it would really lend itself to be made
with ground turkey or soy crumbles because the flavors were so vibrant.
This one is a keeper.

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