Friday, December 19, 2014

When I Don't Get What I Deserve

In Luke 23:13-23, the crowd chose to release Barabbas rather than Jesus.  They demanded the release of a hardened criminal rather then the author of the Universe - the King of the Jews.  And in doing so, they condemned Jesus to death - not accidentally, but by design.  It's easy to read the text and shake my head.  It's harder to admit my complicity, but my cry is too often no different than the crowd's.

How many times have I demanded Barabbas over the Christ?  

When I say "Happy Holidays"?
When "Jingle Bells" is sung with gusto and I hum "O Little Town of Bethlehem"?
When the 'right gift' gets more attention than the Advent Wreath?
When I take more pride in the perfectly wrapped gift than the swaddling clothes?
When the hustle of the season crowds out contemplation of the reason?

Thank you, God, that I do not get what I ask for - Barabbas.
Thank you, God, that you offer me a baby instead.
Your Son.

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